Motorcycle Loan

Flexible loan terms for quality motorcycles from our trusted partner-dealers with brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki at very affordable rates!

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Agri-machinery Loan

We know how important it is to start investing in modern machineries and technologies for a better and more productive farming.

Purchase quality agri-machinery from the top agricultural equipments dealer with our easy application and flexible loan terms.

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Seafarer Loan

Leave something for your family as you build a brighter future ahead for them.

Loan up to P500,000 and we guarantee same-day approval and release of loan with no collateral requirement needed!

Sari-sari Store Loan

Experience fast and affordable ordering at the convenience of your home and receive your items right at the doorstep of your store for free!

No-Wash Hog-raising Loan

Maximize your profit from hog raising through the adoption of clean, more manageable, cost-effective, and no-wash pig pen!

Avail as much as ₱100,000 at affordable rates through our hassle-free loan application!

Real Estate Collaterized Loan

We’ve got your farm business activities covered! We provide very affordable financial solutions where you can avail as much as ₱1 million at affordable rates!

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Layer Farming Loan

Hassle-free loan application and avail as much as ₱70,000 at very affordable rates.

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